The social communication always choose for linguistic devices close to EMPATHY, familiarity and interpersonal relationships.


% of managers said that they will continue to increase the investment in social media marketing in the next years.


of increase in investment over the next five years for the Digital Marketing from the companies.

The social media have a huge potential regarding the company identity and brand perception, product or service offered.
The growing interest in social media comes by the new possibilities offered by the inbound marketing, or by all the strategies necessary to search and find the final consumers in order to increase the so-called brand awareness, linked to the trademark and to the subsequent conversion into purchasing.
Social media have found today their greatest expansion in smartphones, which implements all the opportunities for involvement (engagement), useful to strengthen the customer loyalty towards the brand.

Little tips for being Social Friendly company

  • Create a Strategic Approach
  • Find the right Social media for your brand. Be everywhere does not help you.
  • Often renew your page
  • Only 20% of your posts should be aimed for selling
  • Be original, clear and friendly
  • Tell about your company - Make Social Storytelling

...above all, put your Heart